How to Downsize With Your Pet

How to Downsize With Your Pet

If you’re looking to downsize, you’ll likely be making a lot of changes, from prepping and selling your existing home to buying a new one and making a move. If you have a pet, you’ll need to make special accommodations, as well as keep your pet’s needs in mind as you select your new living environment. Here are some tips from Smart Home Pets to help keep your move as easy and painless as possible for all involved.

Preparing Your Home for Sale

Getting your home ready for sale is an important first step in the downsizing process. Conduct a top-to-bottom analysis of any repairs that need to be done before putting your home on the market. This is especially important if you need to make pet-related repairs, like fixing scratch marks on baseboards or doors or applying enzyme cleansers to carpeting. You’ll also want to create good curb appeal by sprucing up your landscaping and tidying up your yard to make it an appealing standout in your neighborhood. A qualified real estate agent can help you with staging your home for listing photos, as well as assessing an appropriate listing price.

Pare Down

If you’re downsizing, you’ll probably need to reduce the number of personal items and furniture you take with you to your new location. According to, this is a great time to donate, give away, sell, or recycle unwanted household items. If you’re moving far away, it might even make more financial sense to buy replacement items at your new location than to transport your existing ones. Know your measurements for things like furniture, and determine what will fit in your new space. It might be helpful to employ professional movers if you need assistance, though it’s wise to keep things like valuables, financial documents, and medicines with you during the move. You’ll also want to ensure your pets are microchipped and wear identification tags just in case they slip away in the chaos.

Finding A New Home

When it comes to finding a new home, make a list of the “must-have” amenities both you and your pet need. For example, you might want a house to be centrally located near your place of employment or certain schools. Perhaps you want a single-story rather than a two-story or a specific number of beds and bathrooms. If you have an active pet, a large gated yard or proximity to a park will be important. A real estate agent can help, as can a lender. Mortgage lenders will need to assess your income, credit score, and debt-to-income ratio when determining which loan products you qualify for. You can gauge this number yourself by tallying your current monthly expenditures and dividing it by your gross monthly income.

Making the Move

The stress that people feel – whether it’s from work, moving, or personal troubles – can easily rub off on our pets. When moving, try to minimize his discomfort by keeping familiar bedding, toys, and food on hand throughout the process. It might be best to board your pet or have them stay with a friend or family member during the packing and moving phases. Also, don’t forget to inspect your home for safety, from the outlets to any sharp corners – not just for your pets but for your children, too.

Once you get settled, Dogster recommends getting into a regular routine, and ensuring your pet has their own private comfort spot, like a kennel or even a corner of a room where they have their belongings. This will aid in acclimation. You’ll need to keep your pet confined to your home area until they’re familiar with their new surroundings. Regular leash walks can help them get familiar with the area without getting scared or lost – as well as being good for your health, too!

Making a move can be a bit of a challenge for both humans and pets, so give yourself plenty of time to get comfortable in your new surroundings. Find a reliable pet sitter, groomer, and vet as soon as possible so you’ll have key support systems in place in your new hometown.

Smart Home Pets is here to make your pet’s life better and more enjoyable. Please browse our shop and let us know if you have any questions!