Top 5 smart pets for a better life with your pets

Top 5 smart pets for a better life with your pets

Is your dog stuck in the 20th century? Walk them into the present with these amazing advances in pet tech designed to improve their life (and yours). From smart collars to treat-dispensing cams, we’ve got the scoop on the best high tech pet products around.

Petcube Smart Pet Cameras

Petcube was developed by people dedicated to pets and was 1 of Kickstarter’s most productive crowdfunding products in the year 2013. Petcube offers 1080p video having night vision & a 138 degrees wide angle. It equally has 2-way sound audio so you may hear your pets meow or bark when you’re “calling” the pet. The Petcube is equally an ideal device to keep your pets and your house safe since it is equipped with sound & motion alarms.

Whistle GO Explore GPS Best Pet Location Tracker

Using AT & T’s wireless network & Google Map, Whistle GO alerts you when your dog exits a designated safe location and provides real-time location tracking. GO Explore lasts up to twenty days on one charge, offers weekly health reports, & can be configured so more than 1 owner can receive notifications.

The Whistle Go: Pet Smart Collar

Do you have outdoor pets? Do you have a dog that loves to walk in the blocks with you? Keep calm as they venture out by giving them the Whistle Go trackers. The pet tracker could be attach to its collar & comes in a range of cute colors. Alerts you if home pet leaves the specified safe zones. You could then view your pet’s location wherever AT&T’s 3G cellular services are available.

The PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor

Well If you have a secure yard, then this is the ideal high-tech tool for your dog to get in & out of. It makes use of radio frequency technology: your home dog wears a SmartKey on the collar & the door reads the unique SmartKey signal, which activates the battery-operated lid unlock. PetSafe!

Surefeed Microchip home Pet Feeder

If you’ve a lot of pets, the feeding time may be a daunting task. This is actually true if 1 of your home pets is on a unique diet. To avoid food theft, the Surefeed Microchip Feeder will only open for pets that have a recognized microchip ID. In this way, a cat or dog on a special diet will not overeat.