How Tech Makes Pets’ and Furparents’ Lives Safer

How Tech Makes Pets’ and Furparents’ Lives Safer

Having a pet at home can be a big responsibility, but it also has its advantages. Pets can sense when we’re feeling down and comfort us, alert us of intruders, or, as a previous post on an Orange County family discusses, even save our lives.

Having said that, however, pet owners understand that safety and health is a two-way street. There are plenty of advanced devices we can use to keep both us and our pets safe, and we’ve listed out a few of those below.

Artificial Intelligence Toys

Anxious pets can end up causing destruction the moment they are left alone. As important as daily life and work are, we have to take into account that our pets don’t know when are we going to come back. Many overly playful pets can end up hurting themselves if no one’s around to watch them.

One way to keep your pets distracted and away from destructive urges is by using automated pet toys. For example, Felik is a smart pet toy that uses a laser to play with your dog or cat while you are away. The impressive thing about it is that it uses a camera and A.I. to identify multiple pets, as well as prevent your pets from stepping into unwanted areas, like broken glass or hazardous materials.

Smart Dog Kennels

It can be pretty stressful for an owner to go for a walk with their dog, only to discover pets aren’t allowed inside a particular business. In most cases, people just leave their dog leashed to a pole or fire hydrant while they do their errands, with both owner and pet worried the whole time.

Smart kennels like DogSpot are a safe and temporary solution for temporary housing for your pets in an emergency. These kennels come with both air conditioning and heating settings, keep your pets safe, and provide owners with a live camera to monitor their behavior.

Remote Controlled Pet Feeders

Treats are a great motivator, and modern feeders with cameras are one way pet owners can keep track of their pets when they’re out of the house. But what happens when feeders offer a treat but the pet is nowhere to be found?

CHZENG’s automatic pet feeder remote controlled system allows you to remotely drive the wheeled device around the house, so you can keep an eye on your furry companion. It also comes with a speaker, allowing you to call them to the feeder if food isn’t temptation enough.

Wearable Safety Devices

Animals aren’t always helpless creatures, and pets can help guide their humans too. Many people living with disabilities, for example, have service or support animals that act offer both support and companionship.

Service animals can work in partnership with other automated devices to help keep both owner and pet healthy and safe. SymptomFind’s guide to safety alert devices mentions wearable devices that can alert both family members and emergency services with the press of a button. There are also pet-appropriate alternatives that can alert first responders of pets and keep both owner and pet safe during medical emergencies.

Pets and their owners have a unique, irreplaceable bond that can’t be replicated. Thankfully, modern technology has opened up new avenues for pets and their owners to have longer, healthier, and happier lives together. If you want to stay safe and connected with your pet, automation and smart home tech is the key to doing it.